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Hey, I'm Miles.

0 year old, Full-stack Web Developer & Hobbyist

"Shoot for the stars"

About Me

I am a self-taught full-stack developer with a passion for coding and learning new technologies independently. I have been teaching myself various coding-related skills for 0 years, starting with building a beach in ROBLOX and becoming intrigued by the underlying code. This led me to learn JavaScript and NodeJS, followed by HTML and CSS for creating websites.
Since then, I have continued to learn about the backend, working with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, as well as gaining knowledge in server management, NGINX, Ubuntu, and Linux kernel. I enjoy managing servers, optimizing performance, and ensuring security.
I have a quick learning ability and always seek to expand my knowledge.

On a personal note, I grew up in Portland, Oregon, in my grandmother's house, where she provided support for my family and me. I owe everything to her and am grateful for her love and guidance.
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Backend (NodeJS, Express)

Started learning 6 year(s) ago

Game Design (ROBLOX, Lua)

Started learning 8 year(s) ago

Frontend Functionality (JS)

Started learning 6 year(s) ago

Backend Management (NGINX, Linux)

Started learning 5 year(s) ago

Minecraft Plugins (Java)

Started learning 6 year(s) ago

Frontend Design (HTML, CSS)

Started learning 6 year(s) ago

Database Management (MongoDB)

Started learning 4 year(s) ago

Frontend Frameworks (React, NextJS, Vue)

Started learning 4 year(s) ago

Other (Typescript, Python)

Started learning 1 year(s) ago

Introducing V2

Built for performance, scalability, and accessibility

Performance & Accessibility V2 sports Next.JS, TailwindCSS, SASS, and all images are SVG's for blazing fast performance.

Accessibility was also focused on. Constrast of backgrounds, text colors, and font weights were fixed to be optimized for readability


90% of the design for V1 was based around another freelancers website (Visit Matt Farley's Portfolio) and I always felt my portfolio was lacking in orginality. V2 aims to address this by adapting a design solely inspired on all sorts of different designs & some aspects from V1 including lots of twists of my own.


In less than one year, I learned major technologies such as React, Next.JS, TailwindCSS, and Typescript. I also learned about the importance of a good design and a good user experience. Taking all that in mind, I figured that a refresh of was in order. V1 used Vue, Bootstrap, and a custom express frontend server using express.static without compression.

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